About Lactation Consultancy IBCLC

I have supported Mums and Babies with breastfeeding throughout the entirety of my career as I have always been based in the community setting. It is a huge passion of mine and I thoroughly enjoy the empowering of women and families particularly in the method of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding can be an extremely challenging experience…….with wonderful rewards! Yes it is ‘natural’ however it is also a skill that requires a degree of learning by both mum and baby and this is where someone like myself comes in.

The knowledge that is required should start within the antenatal period, so that Mums and their families can ask all the information they need to prepare them for what breastfeeding entails. Once the baby has been born, all families need close support and guidance to ensure that the breastfeeding process is developing and establishing, enabling the baby to thrive.

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I have undertaken in depth training in the scope of breastfeeding and breastfeeding support, allowing easy identification of problems or issues that may arise and ways to help combat them and empower Mums to become proficient breastfeeders.