Services Offered


(Costs may increase outside 30miles radius due to travel and time required to attend at home)

Please contact me directly for a suitable appointment time.

Consultation, Assessment and Frenulotomy from £200

This involves a full health consultation and an assessment of your baby’s oral cavity and tongue function. If tongue tie is diagnosed and indicated, the cost includes division (Frenulotomy) and support with feeding the baby immediately post procedure. (If division is not recommended or required the cost will be automatically discounted by £50)

Lactation Consultant Support from £150

This involves breastfeeding support regarding positioning and latching the baby to the breast for effective and functional feeding. (If tongue tie is suspected and confirmed and parents wish for a division, an additional charge of £50 will be applied.)

Follow Up Services at home not currently available

Tongue Tie Clinic

I do try to be as flexible as possible, therefore please contact me directly if there is not a suitable appointment time on the booking website.

During Covid-19, online payment is required at the point of booking the appointment.

Telehealth- Online Feeding Assessment & Consultation £75

Amended due to COVID-19- This involves a full telehealth (video consultation) to assess feeding and provide breastfeeding support and advice strategies. This would also be completed prior to, if eligibility was met, for an essential face-to-face appointment. Please see the COVID-19 tab for more information.

Oral Assessment & Frenulotomy(Tongue Tie Division) £75

(To be booked AFTER an Online Feeding Assessment and Consultation has been completed)

Amended due to Covid-19 -This involves attending clinic for an oral assessment and tongue tie division (if required). Please see the Cover-19 tab for more information.

Telehealth- Online Follow up Appointment £30

Amended due to Covid-19 – This involves a Telehealth video consultation for any follow up feeding support that may be required. Please see the Covid-19 tab for more information.