Covid-19 Updated Information  (October 2020)

During this current Global COVID-19 Pandemic, Public Health England (PHE) have suggested that we only conduct ‘ESSENTIAL’ care and that we use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reduce transmission risk of this virus. 

Therefore accordingly, Love2Latch will be changing the way we work and this will be determined using risk assessments and on individual health information gathered prior to our appointment.

I will be collating this information either via an online Medical Consultation form completed before our face to face appointment and/or a Telehealth online video appointment, to provide Breastfeeding support and advice as a priority. I will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ascertain if an appointment is considered essential or if a Tongue Tie is strongly suspected. This will require you to share some health and medical history and they MUST be completed before our appointment.

Please now read the below information and visit the following tabs on this website;

Covid-19 Ts and Cs, Covid-19 Consent Form and Covid-19 Privacy Policy and feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

You MUST have read these documents and complete the Medical Questionnaire, Consent Form and Covid-19 Screening form to before any Love2Latch appointments. 

What can I expect in my appointment during the COVID-19 Pandemic?


  • you are displaying any recognised Covid-19 Symptoms eg, a high temperature, a new persistent cough and a loss of taste and/or smell.
  • You are considered High Risk or vulnerable
  • You have been asked to self isolate by NHS Track and Trace, have had a positive Covid-19 test or if you know you have been in contact with someone who has a Covid-19 positive test

Please call me to reschedule your appointment.

You will be required to send some information to me prior to our face-to face appointment and this will be found within your booking and reminder email confirmations. I will then contact you directly if I need to discuss this in any further depth.

I am also running online Telehealth appointments which allow us to do a video call consultation. This is particularly useful if breastfeeding concerns have been highlighted and you require some support to enhance positioning and latching that may serve to solve some of the issues you are dealing with.

I will conduct a risk assessment from the online Medical Questionnaire and/or the Online Feeding Assessment and if your case is deemed as essential care that requires addressing during this pandemic, and all appointments are currently only at my clinic.

Face-to-face appointments may last approximately 30-45minutes long unless required to be longer. This is in line with trying to maintain a shorter time face to face with each client, whilst still maintaining safety for all. I will be in full PPE in accordance with the current Public Health guidance (which is being updated all the time). I will expect you to wash your hands and/ or sanitise -on entry to the building and we will maintain the social distancing recommendations at all times EXCEPT during the assessment and division times, because I will require you to support your baby’s head at this point.

If a frenulotomy is indicated, the tongue tie is divided quickly using single use, blunt ended, curved, sterile scissors. There may be a small amount of bleeding seen on the gauze applied immediately afterwards.

I would then like the baby to have a short feed and then provide you with the aftercare leaflets and advice during this feed. Once I am happy and blood loss has settled, then the appointment will end.

Any follow up required will be via telephone, telehealth and/or text or email.

Please bring a blanket to swaddle your baby, any milk required if bottle feeding and their red Child Health Book.


Why can I not book a home appointment?

Unfortunately during this time, Love2Latch’s clinic is the only location currently available for oral assessment and/or frenulotomy during COVID-19. This is to allow stringent cleaning protocols to reduce transmission risk.

My baby is bottle feeding but I think they have a tongue tie, does it matter during COVID-19?

A baby can face challenges if they are bottle feeding, such as;

  • Struggling to attach well to the teat of the bottle
  • Taking a long time to take the feed
  • Excessive dribbling
  • Noisy feeding
  • Tiring easily during the feed so takes a smaller amount

Also, when the baby is taking solid food they also may struggle to move the food around their mouth in the presence of a Tongue Tie.

These babies may still benefit from tongue tie division and I welcome assessing these babies also during the COVID-19 pandemic, if their needs are essential and to reduce the chance of those babies going back into the health system during this time.

Please contact me via email, text or phone if you have any questions about my services or anything on this website.

Jas Jones

Registered Midwife
Tongue-tie Practitioner and IBCLC