What can I expect in my appointment? – Not applicable during COVID-19 Please see COVID-19 tab
Appointments may last approximately an hour and of course both parents or a family/friend are welcome to attend, but I will require a signed consent form from a parent.

The appointment is initially for a full consultation to assess the baby, this may or may not include recommendation of a Frenulotomy.

Please bring a blanket to swaddle your baby and their red Child Health Book.

We will discuss some family history and details regarding the baby’s birth, feeding methods and behaviour as alongside this information, an examination of the baby’s mouth and tongue will inform if the Frenulotomy is required.

If a Frenulotomy is indicated, it will be performed once you have signed the Information and Consent form.

The tongue tie is divided quickly using single use, blunt ended, curved, sterile scissors. There may be a small amount of bleeding seen on the gauze applied immediately afterwards.

I will ask you to prepare for either a breast or bottle feed to give straight away and I will support you with any help required if breastfeeding and any ongoing support if necessary.

Will it hurt?
There are a small number of blood vessels and nerves that supply the frenulum, so it is reasonable to assume there may be some mild discomfort. However the majority of babies will undergo the procedure with little or no distress and settle immediately once feeding.

My baby is bottle feeding but I think they have a tongue tie, does it matter?
A baby can face challenges if they are bottle feeding, such as;

  • Struggling to attach well to the teat of the bottle
  • Taking a long time to take the feed
  • Excessive dribbling
  • Noisy feeding
  • Tiring easily during the feed so takes a smaller amount

Also, when the baby is taking solid food they also may struggle to move the food around their mouth in the presence of a Tongue Tie.

Will having a Tongue Tie affect my child’s speech?
It has been discussed that Tongue Tie may be significant in the formation of certain sounds and letters when children are learning to speak.

Research is sparse but if a Tongue Tie is found in the later years and surgery considered, it would need to be performed under general anaesthetic.

What if I have any more worries after I have left the clinic?
Just call, text or email me and we will discuss an appropriate plan that may include further breastfeeding support and/or a follow up appointment.