The division of the Tongue Tie is called Frenulotomy.

This involves using a pair of blunt end, curved scissors to cut the connective tissue under the tongue that is too short or restricted, therefore allowing more movement of the tongue muscle itself.

Overcoming Breastfeeding Problems: Tongue Tie

Benefits of Frenulotomy
Research is continuing into Frenulotomy to help parents make an informed choice regarding the procedure (see for further information).

NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) act as the advisory board in all aspects of health care research in the UK, setting standards and guidance for practitioners to follow.

The studies quoted below by NICE state the benefits found were:

  • Better latch
  • Reduced nipple pain
  • General improvement of breastfeeding

“One study compared what happened in babies who had the tongue- tie procedure with babies whose mother had 48 hours of intensive support from a breastfeeding specialist. Nearly all the mothers of babies who had the procedure said that breastfeeding had improved 24 hours afterwards (it improved in 19 out of 20 babies). As a comparison, only 1 mother out of 20 who had support from the breastfeeding specialist said that breastfeeding improved afterwards. In one study that followed what happened in 215 babies who had the tongue-tie procedure, 173 mothers said breastfeeding improved afterwards. In another study, all 70 mothers said that their babies could latch on better after having the procedure. And the 53 mothers who had felt nipple pain said that this improved after their babies had the procedure” (NICE guideline 2005).