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Tongue Tie Northampton.

Do you have problems or concerns with breastfeeding your baby?
Are you experiencing pain or worried about how your baby latches to the breast?
Is your baby struggling with weight gain and/or settling well following feeds?
Does your baby dribble excessively or make noises during feeding at the breast or bottle?
Does your baby struggle with wind/colic or vomiting lots?

These could all be signs or symptoms of a Tongue Tie.


  • We were so glad to have time with someone who just listened and understood how hard we had struggled to feed our baby and who didn’t have to rush to the next appointment.

  • Jas was so calm and friendly and put our minds at ease.

Tongue Tie Northampton

Here at Love2Latch we offer a comprehensive assessment of feeding difficulties, presence of and division (if required) of Tongue Tie in babies. 

My name is Jas, I am a registered Midwife of over 13 years, a qualified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Tongue Tie practitioner.

Love2Latch runs Tongue Tie clinics and Lactation Consultancy Services based in Northampton and also offers ‘in the home’ services in and around the surrounding areas (please contact to ask if we cover your area).

Please contact me directly if there does not appear to be a suitable appointment time available on the booking website.